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Having the right resources at the right time for the job can be the difference

between good and successful companies. Career Blooms aims to be your partner in ensuring that you have the right resources at the right time.

We also have exceptional knowledge and specialist experience in sourcing the right talent from the market. Our current industry experience lies in:

  • Information Technology

  • Human Resources

  • Oil& Gas

  • Financial Sector

  • Telecommunications

  • Pharmaceuticals

Why choose Career Blooms as your recruitment partner in Singapore?

  • We have a very good understanding of the Singapore jobs and employment market.

  • Our recruitment consultants have worked in this market and handled varied roles before coming on board. As a result, we have a deep and informed knowledge of the impacts and drivers for success in our clients' technical and business environments.

  • We find employees that match not only to our clients’ needs but also fits in their culture.

  • We are in constant touch with our clients, fully understand their culture as well as the expectations they have from us and the job.

  • We know the value of “committed and stable employees” and therefore will work closely with both clients and candidates.

  • We are equally committed to our clients as well as candidates and due to that we have a database of high quality professionals and well known companies as our clients.

  • We have a deep knowledge of the industry and we can ensure that our recruitment process is efficient for both employers and candidates alike.

Our commitment to you

  • We are transparent in our interaction and our Terms and Conditions are clearly communicated to our clients.

  • We ensure that all candidates presented are screened for technical skills, emotional and cultural fit.

  • We have non solicitation agreement with our clients.

  • Our dedicated pool of resources allows us to gain a deeper understanding of our client needs.

  • We provide details of applicants in response to specific requests or where we believe there to be real or potential interest.

  • We respect client confidentiality at all times.

  • We do not engage in unfair trade or competition and are ethical in our dealings

Current Jobs

A local IT company

Senior Software Engineer (C#)


A local IT company

Senior Software Engineer



IT Problem Manager


A growing SME specialized in integrated facilities management.

Personal Assistant to CEO


Global leader in Data warehousing and analytic technologies

Services Account Manager



.Net Team Lead


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